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Aug 06 2019

SHARE Pittsburgh 2019 – VirtualZ and RSM Technical Session : IBM Z in the Cloud with zWaaS™

Room 302 / Tuesday August 6, 2019 2:15 – 3:15 pm

VirtualZ zWaaS™ IBM Z Workload as a Service: Cloud Computing Benefits on IBM Z

Join this session with VirtualZ and RSM Partners to discuss dynamically and automatically redirecting individual eligible mainframe products—on-prem, to public, private or hybrid clouds—based on policies you set—without the risk of moving data. Reduce overall MLC and reduce mainframe software license fees by ~50%.
The acronym “SaaS” first appeared in 2001 as a revolutionary concept. This year, in 2019, Gartner predicts SaaS revenues will reach $85B. As SaaS concepts continue to extend to the mainframe, what will the market look like in another 20 years? That future is already upon us and we can start by redirecting batch and less data intensive eligible products to the cloud based on your business requirements, capacity needs and cloud suitability

While today an entire LPAR, CPU or data center can move to the cloud, we discuss a new IBM Z Workload as a Service (ZWaaS) capability as key in the mainframe world, with an environment as a Software Defined Mainframe (SDMF). In this model, a granular unit of eligible mainframe workload would be selected, based upon a policy or rule set, and be dynamically dispatched from a known and configured source mainframe for execution in an environment hosted by a service provider. Depending upon the application and the unit of work, data remains where it is, and is automatically synchronized as needed along with the unit of work, and the results returned to the source environment.

Join us and learn how to:

-Reduce your mainframe software license fees by ~50% for Enterprise COBOL for z/OS, Cobol V4, z/OS XL C/C++, Enterprise PL/I for z/OS, 21st Century VFI, Compuware File-AID, MicroFocus ChangeMan, CA Endeavor, CA Librarian, Easytrieve®, and more from Rocket Software, BMC, Compuware, ASG, CA, IBM and other IBM Z ISV’s and more.

-Offload mainframe software products to one or more cloud providers.

-Automatically shift eligible workloads based on user defined policies.

At the end of the session each attendee will receive a Tile® Mate as a “thank you” for joining us. Tile® Mate, the award-winning smart tracker finds and tracks items like wallets and keys. ($25 value)

We will also raffle one Oculus Go 64GB standalone virtual reality headset ($249 value), a Time® Magazine 25 Best Inventions winner.

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