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  • Date: Jan 29 2019


Jan 29 2019

VirtualZ Webinar: Virtualize Your z/0S Software and Reduce License Fees by ~50%

Join the webinar with distinguished engineer and VirtualZ CTO, Vince Re to learn what you can do to immediately reduce your software license fees and automate optimization of your IBM Z environment.

Learn how you can:

  1. Immediately reduce your mainframe software license fees by ~50% for the products below.
  • SAS®9.4 m5
  • SAS® IT Resource Management
  • Enterprise COBOL for z/OS
  • Cobol v4
  • z/OS XL C/C++
  • Enterprise PL/I for z/OS
  • CA Cleanup
  • CA Easytrieve® Report Generator
  • CA Endevor® Software Change Manager
  • CA Librarian®
  • CA Optimizer® and CA Optimizer®/II
  • CA Panvalet®
  • ….and more.
  1. Offload mainframe software products to one or more cloud providers.
  2.  Automatically shift workloads based on user defined policies.

It’s time to rethink mainframe optimization!

Whereas today’s methods for mainframe optimization and cost reduction are based on reporting and manual intervention,VirtualZ’s  innovative technology reduces costs through intelligent automation.

  • Instead of simply automating reports, our software automatically optimizes your environment by working smarter at the program level.
  • We work at the executable level, not just job tasks and re-routing, and not centered on JES and JCL.
  • We do more than just move MIPS around. With our set-and-forget intelligence you realize maximum efficiencies and cost savings in your environment immediately.

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