Can you explain your cloud approach?

Feb 19, 2020

We believe this is one of our biggest differentiators.

Today, “mainframe cloud” is most akin to outsourcing, in which an entire LPAR, CPU, or data center is moved to the cloud. One might hire employees or consultants to manually move data and/or workloads off the mainframe, migrate to a managed service, outsource, or attempt to re-platform applications. Yet this creates substantial challenges in time, cost, and risk to complete. Even when completed, it can prove challenging to retain/regain control of systems, data, workloads, and costs, not to mention the comparative compromises to security and availability. Another drawback is that you need much larger capacity in that approach, when sometimes all you’re really trying to do is move the one licensed product execution that is driving up your MLC.

Our approach reduces a lot of that risk. With VirtualZ zWaaS™ IBM Z Workload as a Service, you can now redirect eligible mainframe workloads to private and public mainframe clouds in order to reduce your software license fees. This can be on-premises in your data center; in your mainframe cloud data center; or in a mainframe cloud outsourcer’s data center.

You can mix and match these implementation options to meet your business requirements. With this flexibility, you aren’t locked into any one mainframe cloud decision or cost-saving approach.

For large mainframe users, this is an opportunity to easily shift workloads around to various clouds to achieve lower costs, fulfill excess capacity needs, and flexibly test and deploy new applications. For smaller mainframe users, envision many mainframe licensed products executing in the cloud, still controlled by the user but managed by a service provider, thus reducing in-house mainframe infrastructure requirements.