Do you support z/OS UNIX Services (“USS”)?

Mar 6, 2020

Yes, VirtualZ supports redirection of UNIX-style executables invoked under the z/OS UNIX Services shell or via z/OS UNIX Services APIs. This is important to our customers accustomed to more of a UNIX-flavor development environment on their mainframes, and VirtualZ handles these applications in the same manner as we do standard batch-oriented applications.

As an example, many C/C++ programmers with Linux or UNIX background will prefer to build their applications using industry-standard “makefiles” and the programmer tools available under the z/OS UNIX Services shell. In this case, instead of submitting JCL to compile a program, the user runs the compiler under the shell using commands like “cc” or “cxx.” VirtualZ can be configured to manage these applications, similarly to how it manages conventional batch work.