What is VirtualZ Computing (VirtualZ)?

Feb 19, 2020

VirtualZ Computing is a mainframe software company. Our product enables mainframe clouds, automates mainframe optimization, and reduces mainframe software license fees through multiple approaches.

To deliver this level of cost savings in your environment, we enable you to consolidate software licenses for eligiblebatch and less data intensive software products. Our unique virtualization and redirection technology automatically moves mainframe workloads — with granular precision for step-level control within a job — to the most cost-efficient location for your business. This can be on-premises in your data center; in your mainframe cloud data center; or in a mainframe cloud outsourcer’s data center.

  • VirtualZ in your data center

VirtualZ On-Premises is differentiated as the first and only fully automated mainframe optimization solution for IBM Z. While there are no other products like ours that are fully automated, other vendors offer a variety of reporting and analytics tools that provide data about potential improvements in the enterprise. But they do not do the work of actually making the improvements via the software; customers must instead hire their own team or external consultants to review the reports — month after month — and based on their findings, implement repetitive and manually intensive attempts to optimize their mainframe environment. VirtualZ replaces these repetitive and labor-intensive attempts with automation.

Designed for customers with more than one mainframe, On-Premises Redirection allows you to:

    • Consolidate licenses within your data center to a single mainframe, a single LPAR, or whatever configuration gives you optimal savings.
    • Redirect eligible workloads across your environment without any operational impact and completely transparently to users
  • VirtualZ zWaaS™ in Your Mainframe Cloud or Outsourcer’s Data Center

VirtualZ zWaaS™ IBM Z Workload as a Service is differentiated as the first and only solution to enable software-as-a-service (SaaS) on the IBM Z platform. Until VirtualZ, the benefits of cloud computing have largely eluded mainframe environments and applications, depriving mainframe customers of cloud computing benefits like pricing flexibility, scalability on demand, and accelerated time to market.

zWaaS™ IBM Z Workload as a Service supports private, public, or hybrid mainframe clouds while reducing mainframe software license fees. It enables VirtualZ Cloud Redirection, a new paradigm for automated mainframe optimization that allows you to dynamically redirect individual eligible products to the cloud.

For eligible products such as batch and less data-intensive applications, you control movement at granular levels based on your business requirements and cloud suitability.

This groundbreaking approach differs greatly from today’s mainframe clouds that are merely variations of outsourcing, where an entire LPAR, CPU, or data center is moved to the cloud.

With zWaaS™, customers can now reduce costs and increase business flexibility by dynamically selecting when, where, and how to automatically and securely move individual IBM Z workloads to private or public mainframe clouds.

    • In private mainframe clouds, customers can reduce costs by easily consolidating mainframe software licenses and hosting products as-a-service in their own data center.
    • In public mainframe clouds, for the first time, mainframe ISVs, other software development companies, and outsourcers can host and license their own or other IBM Z software products in a SaaS model.

You can mix and match these implementation options to meet your business requirements. For example, use VirtualZ to manage a certain set of products in your data center; another set of products in a private mainframe cloud (your own or an outsourcer’s data center); and yet a third set of products in a public cloud licensed as a service.

This flexibility means you aren’t locked into any one mainframe cloud decision or cost-saving approach. It’s all about what makes the most sense for you. We aim to make the mainframe more affordable, to help customers like you move more workloads to the mainframe so your business can take better advantage of the most secure, reliable, and available platform in the world.

A little more about us:

  • We are a team of industry innovators, with patents in mainframe software and over 150 cumulative years of mainframe experience
  • We are the first and only women-owned mainframe ISV ever. So we also help you improve your bottom line by achieving your corporate diversity targets and tax incentives.
  • Fun fact: VirtualZ is the name of our company and product.