What kind of product is a good candidate for VirtualZ?

Mar 6, 2020

VirtualZ is generally able to redirect any product that meets the following requirements:

  • It can be executed as a batch job, z/OS started task, or a z/OS UNIX Services shell command. See a current list of eligible products.
  • It is standard, unmodified commercial software licensed from a software vendor.
  • It does not require specific network connections or make use of VTAM/SNA resources. Redirecting an FTP client would work if the target has connectivity to the FTP site, but redirecting a terminal-owning CICS region would be a poor choice.
  • It has inputs and outputs that are sequential files (QSAM/BSAM/BPAM). All inputs and outputs must be conventional z/OS datasets, UNIX Services files, or JES2 SYSIN/SYSOUT datasets. Certain VSAM operations are supported, but access to databases such as IMS or DB2 currently is not.
  • It processes relatively small amounts of data when redirecting to the cloud, since execution normally requires inputs and outputs to be copied over the network to the target system.
  • Note that when redirecting to a system having access to a product’s files through shared or replicated disk, then data isn’t copied and much larger datasets can be used.
  • It does not have dependencies on low-level system configuration, operating system structures, or private data only accessible within a certain LPAR, such as z/OS cryptographic keys and data accessed with ICSF.
  • For example, products reporting on the performance characteristics of the system on which they run would be poor candidates for redirection. So would products using encryption functions only available on the source system’s cryptographic coprocessors, or those that rely on certain Sysplex functions implemented in the IBM Coupling Facility.