Bloor Research Interviews VirtualZ

Feb 23, 2020

Analyst David Norfolk interviews VirtualZ and believes the company “has a good idea” after his discussion with Founder and CEO Jeanne Glass and Co-Founder and CTO Vince Re.

Bloor Interviews VirtualZ

His write-up provides a brief background of the challenges in managing mainframes, which continue to be continually important in the digital economy. David identifies two key things to remember:

  • That workloads should always be placed on the most suitable platform (and that this platform may change as the workload changes as a result of Mutable business evolution); and
  • Customers must have freedom of choice, even if vendors might not always like this much – no lock-in.

VirtualZ is aligned in this belief and has a development philosophy focused on these tenets as a path toward reducing software license fees. David outlines why he thinks VirtualZ is poised to help make running, managing and cost balancing mainframes easier.

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