Richard Philyaw Joins VirtualZ as Chief Architect

Dec 11, 2020

We are pleased to announce Richard Philyaw has joined VirtualZ as Chief Architect. During his 35-year career with CA Technologies (now Broadcom), Richard shaped the the company’s Architecture, Process, and Technology Strategy, built key mainframe portfolio products and championed new business models. He also secured CA’s future technology and revenue foothold by actively driving intrapreneurship thorough new product incubation as a co-founder of CA Accelerator and serving as an M&A technical due diligence, acquisition and integration advisor to the executive staff. We look forward to working with Richard to continue to define mainframe modernization, mainframe cloud and z/OS mainframe workload redirection strategies for our customers.

Richard’s bio:

Richard Philyaw is a patented engineering executive recognized for the innovative use of emerging disruptive technologies and intentional, Agile architecture. He worked 35 years for CA Technologies (now Broadcom), eventually as Distinguished Engineer, SVP and Chief Architect, Office of the CTO. Richard was lead architect for CA Platform, CA’s multicloud PaaS and initiated and led the transformation of CA’s global architecture process. As a trusted C-level advisor, Richard was a founding member of CA Accelerator, an in-house incubator created to build new businesses and revenue, scaling to 12 products. As an expert in M&A technical due diligence he conducted 60+ M&A projects resulting in 10 successful acquisitions worth a combined $2+ billion, ensuring CA’s market leading position across its product portfolio.