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Eligible Products

VirtualZ automatically optimizes these and other batch-oriented products:

  • 21st Century VFI
  • ASG batch products
  • BMC batch products
  • CA Cleanup
  • CA Easytrieve® Report Generator
  • CA Librarian®
  • CA MICS® Resource Management
  • CA Optimizer®
  • CA Optimizer®/II
  • CA Panvalet®
  • Compuware batch products
  • Compuware File-AID
  • IBM z/OSXL C/C++
  • IBM Z COBOL Compiler
  • IBM Developer for z Systems
  • IBM Enterprise COBOL for z/OS
  • IBM Enterprise PL/I for z/OS
  • IBM Compiler and Library for REXX
  • IBM and other IBM ISV’s batch products
  • Microfocus ChangeMan
  • Rocket batch products
  • SAS®9.4 m5
  • Syncsort batch products
  • and more…

Ask us about your other batch-oriented products.

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