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Our trusted partners from around the world align with our values to elevate relationships and collaborate creatively towards your success.

With proven experience bringing a competitive edge to customers, our partners can help you deploy VirtualZ to enable mainframe clouds, automate mainframe modernization and reduce mainframe software license fees.

North America

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Edge Solutions & Consulting

EDGE Solutions & Consulting solves business challenges for clients by providing innovative IT expertise and leading technology solutions that best fit the need.

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The Smith Group

The Smith Group offers software solutions for mainframe modernization and cost reduction. The Smith Group is dedicated to helping IBM mainframe customers evolve to a level of modernization on par with, or superior to, their distributed environments.

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Digital Strategy Group

Digital Strategy Group provides strategic insight for mainframe modernization, migration and support. Working with clients across North America and Europe, Digital Strategy Group helps organizations leverage people, processes and technology to enhance existing application portfolios with reduced cost while extending them to a more modern architecture.

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Agile Professional Solutions

APS is a strategic partner based in North America. APS works with clients to increase profitability and remove technical debt through the strategic use of cloud resources. APS’s sole focus is discovering and implementing the best-fitting technology for their clients.

Europe, Middle East, Africa

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BMC Mainframe Services by RSM Partners

RSM Partners is a global provider of mainframe services, software and expertise 100% focused on IBM Z mainframes working with world-leading organizations in finance, retail, utilities, government and services.


Business Generating Software

Business Generating Software B.V. is a software and services company who delivers state of the art enterprise software solutions.


Log-On Software

Log-On Software is a leading outsourcer of programming experts, software projects and software applications development. With over 700 specialists, we provide innovative, high-end solutions to today’s most difficult programming challenges.

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DBA Sistemi

DBA Sistemi is a software distribution and consultancy company, active since 1993 in the Italian IBM mainframe market. Our mission is to help customers improve IT performance and productivity while keeping mainframe costs under control.

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SMT Data

SMT Data is a strategic partner based in Copenhagen for IT infrastructure and IT capacity-based decision making. The company’s IT Business Intelligence (ITBI™) solution delivers transparency into the relationship between IT capacity costs and business activities. This allows customers to optimize IT infrastructure, operations, finance, and application development towards significant cost savings and better alignment with business needs.

South America

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4bears Technologies

Created in 2003 4bears is recognized in the Brazilian market for its technical capability and knowledge of the IBM mainframe platform with one of the most qualified technical teams in the market. 4bears offers customers specialized skills in the IBM mainframe in areas such as technical support, storage, cost control, capacity planning, optimization and production adjustments.

Asia Pacific

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z/Street Software

Established in 1989, z/Street Software provides high quality and effective software solutions to the IBM mainframe community worldwide. Working with customers to fill needs quickly and efficiently, z/Street helps reduce IT expenditures with software solutions while enabling customers to focus on what they do best. z/Street’s reach extends from Australia, New Zealand and globally.

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