Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Simplify access to mainframe data for AI model training and analytics.

  • The AI landscape is shifting fast. Machine learning is growing more accessible. Predictive analytics tools are helping guide smarter decisions. And businesses are finding they can deliver great insights by supplementing pre-built large language models with their own current datasets.
  • Amid these fast-moving opportunities, there is one constant: an endless demand for quality data. How will you seize these advantages? If you rely on manual processes for pulling data from the mainframe, you may be facing a costly bottleneck.

With Lozen, you can simplify access to your mainframe data, making it easily available for model training and analytics. You’ll be able to connect your most current mainframe data to the latest AI innovations.

I want to drive more AI innovation in my business.

I want a simpler, lower cost way to share mainframe data with my AI solutions.

I want reduce bottlenecks for better decision making.

Solutions. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
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Deliver real-time, read-write mainframe data access to AI and machine learning tools running in other environments like the cloud.