Pictures of speakers Jeanne Glass, Tom Niermeyer, Vince Re, Alan Bain, Bill Everingham for GSE UK 2020


Nov 12 2020


5:30 am - 6:30 pm

GSE UK: Industry Leaders Join VirtualZ to Discuss Moving z/OS Workloads

Register for this New Technology track discussion to answer questions such as:

  1. How would you move workload from one z/OS system: )To another z/OS system, 2)To another platform or 3)To the cloud?
  2. How you do an integrated CICS translation?
  3. What about a DB2 integrated translator?
  4. What other products/applications in addition to compilers are eligible for these types of services?

November 12 | 5:30 am pst | 8:30 am EST | Session 28D

New technologies are offering different approaches to free mainframe workloads such as compilers, source management and report tools, from running exclusively on mainframes, giving customers long-awaited flexibility to leverage different platforms and pricing. Discover the pros/cons of some of these new technologies and why batch products are a great place to start, serving as a low risk path to realize the benefit of moving mainframe workloads while realizing reduced software license fees. Join mainframe industry leaders in this technical discussion to learn about moving z/OS mainframe workloads to public or private clouds, choosing the platform that is best for your business with the power of mainframe software-as-a-service.

Although we are fully immersed in the revolution of the cloud, the benefits of cloud computing have been limited to distributed computing, eluding mainframe environments and applications. This gap —the ability to dynamically use cloud resources to execute z/OS workloads—presents a tremendous opportunity for customers to drastically reduce software license fees.

Learning Outcomes

Using compilers, source management and reporting tools as an example of the benefits of moving z/OS workloads, learn how to:

  1. Stop keeping/maintaining/upgrading each your batch products.
  2. Automatically execute z/OS workloads in a public cloud.
  3. Reduce software license fees.
  4. Fulfill excess capacity needs.
  5. Flexibly test and deploy new batch products, i.e., moving from Cobol 5 to Cobol 6.


Vince Re | Co-founder and CTO, VirtualZ Computing
Vince is building VirtualZ’s flagship software product line.  Vince earned four patents for his work at CA, where he served as Chief Architect and Senior Vice President and received the notable title of Distinguished Engineer.

Bill Everingham | Business Development Director | Blue Chip Technologies

At Blue Chip, the UK’s most innovative choice in business IT, Bill helps customers with a range of IT strategies and while IBM maintenance remains a key service, Blue Chip has become a leading facilitator of Cloud Computing strategies and virtualisation.

Alan Bain | Vice President, Delivery, ISAM Group
Alan is a Certified Software Asset Manager (CSAM). He has been providing asset and software portfolio management and vendor negotiation services to the global F500, U.S. Federal and State Governments and global partners for the past 25 years.

Jeanne Glass | Founder and CEO, VirtualZ Computing
Jeanne is the visionary behind the VirtualZ’s mission to deliver new levels of automated optimization and cost savings for mainframe customers. She is a recognized expert in software sales and management, global sales operations, information technology and customer experience.