Revolutionizing Data Access With Lozen

Lozen™ software is VirtualZ Computing’s revolutionary solution that unlocks the power of real-time, read-write data access — enabling your organization to run on a single source of truth while maintaining data integrity and security.

With Lozen, custom and packaged applications running anywhere — in the cloud, on distributed platforms or on mobile devices — have real-time, read-write access to always-in-sync data on the IBM Z platform.

About 80% of the world’s critical business data resides on the IBM Z platform

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Although thousands of business applications are running in the cloud and across distributed platforms, about 80% of the world’s critical business data resides on the IBM Z platform.

Legacy Data Access Methods Complicated, Wasteful, and Cost-intensive

Existing processes for sharing data on the IBM Z platform with applications running elsewhere are complicated, wasteful, and cost-intensive from a development and maintenance perspective.

Customers are spending a significant amount time and money extracting data from the IBM Z platform, exporting the data into static data files, then shifting these data files to the cloud and distributed platforms.

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Lozen for Application Migration and Re-Platforming

Application Migrations Increase Demand for Data Access

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Customers are experiencing rapid growth in demand for data access due to the increasing number of IBM Z to cloud migration projects underway.

Lozen for Application Migration and Re-Platforming

Lozen reduces risk and expedites application migration projects by eliminating the need to move or replicate data as part of the migration.

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Lozen provides many benefits to application migration and re-platforming projects, including:

Reduced risk — with Lozen, the data stays where it is, so applications that aren’t being migrated don’t have their data dependencies broken

Faster migrations, creating success much earlier in the process

Increased business agility

Scalability — Lozen removes the need to move data during the migration process. As a result, customers can move a higher volume of applications, and more applications become candidates for migration.

Lowered project costs — Because you don’t need to move the data with Lozen, you can move just the applications, reducing costs associated with data access demands and maintenance.

Lozen for Digital Transformation

Lozen’s state-of-the-art technology transforms existing processes, providing an agile, competitive edge

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With Lozen, your digital transformation projects will benefit from:

Universal real-time, read-write data access

Cost savings — by reducing MIPS usage on account of Lozen’s zIIP engine architecture; by reducing code; and by eliminating legacy data transfer methods

Bulletproof high reliability, data integrity, resiliency, security, and fault tolerance — through leveraging existing mainframe security solutions, along with the ability to configure with no single point of failure

Low code/no code functionality, meaning faster time-to-market and lower required development resources. You can use Lozen out of the box for anything — not just for custom applications.

Easy installation —every application can share a single Lozen instance

Technology built on industry-standard protocols

Whether your needs relate to digital transformation or application migration, no other solution surpasses Lozen

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