The Lozen Story

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Lozen (1840-1889) was a fearless Apache warrior, medicine woman, skilled fighter, and battlefield strategist. Her noble heroism demonstrated abilities beyond her years. Since childhood, Lozen had a keen interest in the art of war and strategy. As an adult, she could ride, shoot, and predict enemy attack methods.

Lozen used her skills to protect her people from the U.S. government encroaching on Apache lands. Her sacrifices helped her people endure unimaginable hardships like raids and invasions from the U.S. military. Lozen’s story is brave, fearless, generous, and selfless.

The story of the fearless warrior threads into the hearts and heritage of our team at VirtualZ Computing.

Our CTO, Vince Re, grew up hearing stories from his grandmother about her mother — a Blackfoot Indian. Although some of his family didn’t believe the stories or acknowledge his Native American heritage, Vince discovered the truth behind them after researching his family tree. Today, his Native American heritage, the work ethic of his parents, and stories of previous generations make him appreciate the life he has even more and inspire him to give back to the community.

Jeanne Glass, our founder and CEO, has Native American heritage as well — but her story is a bit different. Jeanne’s family is from the White Earth Reservation, where her grandfather grew up and where her grandmother was well-known for her beadwork. Many of Jeanne’s family celebrations and reunions took place on the White Earth Reservation. Today, Jeanne’s extended family works towards promoting Indian economic development and advocating for Indigenous communities’ rights.

In recognition of VirtualZ Computing as the first woman-founded, woman-led IBM Z independent software company in history, and our team’s Native American and other diverse heritage, “Lozen” is the inspiration for our revolutionary and strategic data access solution.