Welcome to VirtualZ Computing

VirtualZ Computing™ is a woman-founded, woman-led mainframe software provider that empowers companies to innovate and thrive in a hybrid cloud environment by granting easy, consistent, and secure access to their most valuable resource…their data.

The challenges companies face in hybrid cloud environments often arise because of data access issues. Running applications across a mixture of mainframe, cloud, and distributed environments proposes many hurdles that introduce added costs, time, data inaccuracies, and security risks.

Our suite of products allows you to access data from any platform, anywhere, and leverage that data to power better applications and experiences. Whether you need real-time read-write access or a one-time data pull, we have a solution to help.

Lozen combination mark

Our patented product, Lozen software, allows you to leave data where it is — securely on the
IBM Z platform — eliminating the need to replicate or “lift and shift” data.

Lozen was built on familiar, industry-standard protocols and APIs that maintain mainframe-level security and performance.  It unlocks broader data access at a lower cost and enables simpler application migration — all in a no-code implementation.

This strategic data access solution was inspired by an Apache warrior and battlefield strategist named Lozen. As the first woman-founded, woman-led IBM Z ISV in history — and with Native American and diverse heritage across our team — Lozen’s story threads deeply within VirtualZ.


Coming soon, Zaac operates under the concept of “IBM Z as a Client,” allowing mainframe applications to read and write data from other platforms in real time — the way a client would.

With Zaac, the mainframe is elevated so that it has the same data access capabilities as any other platform. Applications running on IBM Z now have real-time, read-write access to data on other storage platforms and to data created by applications running in the cloud and on distributed platforms — all while maintaining existing mainframe-level security.  ​

The name “Zaac” is also inspired by the name “Isaac” to honor the Nordic and Hebrew heritage on the team at VirtualZ.


This utility, which is available now, makes it simple to create a copy of mainframe data whenever needed for experimentation or analysis in hybrid cloud environments.

PropelZ enables organizations to push a copy of mainframe data for just a fraction of the cost of legacy ETL solutions, and it is ideal for use cases that don’t require real-time, read-write access.

VirtualZ is a Microsoft Partner, Micro Focus (now OpenText) Authorized Technology Alliance Partner, Infosys Partner, Splunk Technology Alliance Partner, and an IBM Partner Plus member.

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Our mission is to revolutionize data access, giving IT leaders the freedom to ignite the power of data from any platform, anywhere.


Passionate about mainframe innovation

We’re driven by our constant curiosity to improve data access to help companies better leverage their data.


Built by industry icons

Our team members are highly respected industry icons who revolutionized mainframe computing and modernized data access systems.


Committed to our customers’ success

We design data access solutions to help you deliver better applications and experiences for your employees and your customers.

Our Team

VirtualZ Executive Team Group Photo

We are a team of professional collaborators and innovators with a vision to positively impact the people and companies we work with.

VirtualZ Executive team. Jeanne Glass

Jeanne Glass

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Jeanne Glass is Founder and CEO of VirtualZ Computing and the visionary leading the company’s mission to revolutionize data access. She is a two-time IBM Champion and patented expert in software sales, global operations, information technology, and customer experience. Jeanne has been appointed to senior leadership positions at Kleiner Perkins-funded and other tech startups and prominent companies such as CA Technologies (now Broadcom), FICO and Tripwire, where she created, built, and launched several high-performing businesses. Elected to the SHARE Board of Directors, Jeanne chairs the Industry Influence and Editorial committees, serves on the Audit and Finance committee, and is a founding member of their Women in IT initiative. She also launched “Making our Strong Community Stronger,” the first-ever C-level initiative on DE&I in the mainframe industry, and she is an adjunct professor in the MBA program at the University of St. Thomas.

VirtualZ Executive team. Vince Re

Vince Re

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Vince Re is the visionary designing and building VirtualZ’s patented technology, with a mission to revolutionize data access. He also serves as a technical advisor in artificial intelligence, big data, and mainframe innovation. Vince worked for over 30 years at CA Technologies (now Broadcom) and is highly respected for his impact on the mainframe computing industry. He earned multiple patents while at CA and was the first in the company’s history to earn the notable title of Distinguished Engineer. His vision and leadership were behind many high-performing products and services, earning him the title of Chief Architect and Senior Vice President. As CA’s lead mainframe strategist, Vince created the technical road map and mainframe strategy, and he developed multiple successful security and enterprise management products (as well as much of their technology platform and shared services infrastructure), fueling multibillion-dollar growth and positioning the company as a world leader in mainframe software innovation. Outside of CA, his work with Linux on the mainframe earned him election to the elite kernel.org team.

VirtualZ Executive team. Marc Sokol

Marc Sokol

Executive Chairman

Marc Sokol is recognized as an expert advisor, director and investor focused on venture capital and funding strategy, marketing, business development, public relations, and product strategy for high-growth entrepreneurial companies. He is co-founder of Commack Solutions, a stealth mode startup in tech services, and managing partner at Florida Funders. In 40+ years in information technology, including over 10 years in venture investing at JK&B Capital, Marc has been involved in starting more than 50 companies. He worked several years at mainframe software and services leader CA Technologies (now Broadcom) as SVP and General Manager of Marketing, SVP of Business Development and SVP of Advanced Technology. Before joining CA, Marc co-founded Realia, Inc. and co-authored the Realia COBOL compiler, which was eventually acquired by CA.


Ken Arredondo

Chief Revenue Officer

Ken Arredondo is VirtualZ’s chief revenue officer, leading the company’s sales team in its customer-first approach to revolutionizing data access. Prior to VirtualZ, Ken played instrumental roles as Chief Revenue Officer at Digibee Integration Platform, served as a Board Member and CRO at TransparentBusiness, and held key strategic positions at CA Technologies, including Acquisition Integration Executive, SVP & GM, and President & GM across various global regions.
Ken’s impressive background is complemented by his educational achievements, holding an MBA with honors from Rollins College, Crummer Graduate School, and a B.S. with honors in Business Analysis & Economics from Indiana University.


Dustin Froyum

Co-Founder and SVP of Global Alliances

Dustin is a patented technology executive, leading the company’s business operations and global alliances. Prior to VirtualZ, Dustin was a senior executive at Wells Fargo where he managed a $1B portfolio of IT assets and vendors and directed third-party risk strategies for over 700 technology vendors. As a senior leader and recognized authority in technology provisioning, price models, license governance, inventory management, and contract negotiation, he specializes in protecting corporate interests while enabling growth. Dustin earned a Juris Doctor with an Intellectual Property concentration from Hamline University School of Law and degrees in Biology and Economics from Augsburg College.

VirtualZ-Team_Mark Potts

Mark Potts

Vice President of Global Services

Mark is VirtualZ’s vice president of global services, helping our clients leverage Lozen™, PropelZ, and Zaac™ to unlock business agility, value, and cost savings. Mark brings over 17 years of experience at Accenture to VirtualZ and focuses on helping our customers modernize their data access systems.  Mark served as global managing director at Accenture, leading the comprehensive strategy for their mainframe modernization offering, including developing sales and delivery assets, developing capability, determining acquisition targets, and managing the global mainframe modernization pipeline. Prior to that, Mark led Accenture’s IBM and Red Hat partnership, working closely with the Accenture, IBM, and Red Hat senior leadership teams focusing on hybrid cloud, mainframe modernization, artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and quantum computing.  Mark also has over 15 years of software engineering delivery experience.


Elsa Flores

Director of Marketing

Elsa Flores is the director of marketing for VirtualZ Computing. Prior to VirtualZ, Elsa worked as a global strategist and senior event manager at IBM, launching the company’s multibillion-dollar IBM z15 platform — a mission-critical system that runs the world’s economy, supports cloud-native and brings security and resiliency to hybrid cloud infrastructure. With her background in bringing powerful, innovative solutions like z15 to market and her 25+ years of experience at companies like IBM, GPJ, USAA, and more, Elsa is creating and implementing VirtualZ’s marketing strategy to revolutionize data access.

VirtualZ Executive team. Christine Glynn

Christine Glynn

Director of Operations

Christine Glynn is an organizational performance expert and director of operations for VirtualZ Computing. As a strategic leader with billion-dollar companies, she is known for conceptualizing, developing, and implementing high-impact programs directly increasing revenue and improving customer satisfaction. Christine held executive positions at Microsoft and CA Technologies (now Broadcom), building and managing multimillion-dollar global sales operations and customer support organizations.


Richard Philyaw

Chief Architect

Richard Philyaw is a patented engineering executive recognized for the innovative use of emerging disruptive technologies and intentional, Agile architecture. He worked 35 years for CA Technologies (now Broadcom), eventually as Distinguished Engineer, SVP and Chief Architect, Office of the CTO. Richard was the lead architect for CA Platform, CA’s multicloud PaaS and initiated and led the transformation of CA’s global architecture process. As a trusted C-level advisor, Richard was a founding member of CA Accelerator, an in-house incubator created to build new businesses and revenue, scaling to 12 products. As an expert in M&A technical due diligence he conducted 60+ M&A projects resulting in 10 successful acquisitions worth a combined $2+ billion, ensuring CA’s market leading position across its product portfolio.


Ian Keller

Software Engineer

Ian Keller is a skilled full stack software engineer with a proven track record of delivering high-quality solutions.  He is passionate about developing intuitive and responsive user interfaces utilizing numerous programming languages and technologies.  Prior to VirtualZ, Ian was co-founder and lead software engineer at Soltech, where he developed React Native and React apps, set up various AWS services, and managed a team of agile software developers.  Ian’s previous experience also includes creating Python scripts, building APIs, and developing web applications.  He has worked with various cloud technologies like Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud.  In addition, his proficiency in developing backend applications using Java, C#, and Python makes him a versatile developer who can skillfully resolve complex software challenges.

Eryn Stoner-min

Eryn Stoner

Executive Assistant

Eryn Stoner is an expert in workplace management and supports our executive team.  She ensures smooth operations, manages the company’s key performance metrics for process improvement, and plays a crucial role ensuring our software and support exceeds our customers’ expectations.  Eryn has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

VirtualZ-Team_Robert Wallach-min

Robert Wallach

Technical Writer

Robert Wallach is a technical writer for VirtualZ Computing. He has over six years of experience in the computer software industry. He has worked in multi-disciplinary roles at early-stage startups, developing and managing multiple departments, including Content Strategy, Operations, Finance, IT, Compliance, Customer Support, HR, and Marketing. Prior to his experience in the tech industry, he worked as a journalist, writer, editor, photographer, and designer in publishing and the retail industry.

VirtualZ-Team_Jack Laury-min

Jack Laury

Regional Sales Director

Jack Laury is a key contributor to VirtualZ’s go-to-market sales efforts. With a key focus on developing trusting, long-lasting relationships with new and existing clients, he brings significant experience in helping organizations expand their customer base while retaining existing customers with his customer-first philosophy. With decades of enterprise software selling to F1000 IT organizations for companies such as BEA Systems, Micro Focus and several early-stage companies, his broad experience spans business process automation, application and operations delivery optimization and, more recently, mainframe application modernization as large organizations strive to digitally transform their businesses.

Brennan Vargas-min 2

Brennan Vargas

Account Executive

Brennan is an account executive for VirtualZ Computing. Prior to joining the VirtualZ team, Brennan worked in SaaS sales both as an individual contributor, and in sales leadership roles for companies including TIBCO and Dell. His background has centered around driving brand awareness, developing relationships, and being a trusted advisor for companies implementing new technologies.


Mark Combs

Strategic Advisor

Mark Combs is an experienced software executive serving as Strategic Advisor to the company, providing input and guidance.  Mark consults with Stride Partners LLC, helping software companies in the modern application development, cloud infrastructure management, and security markets. He was Chief Operating Officer for Kaseya, a leader in IT automation and security software. Mark worked 35 years for CA Technologies (now Broadcom), in a variety of roles including as Senior Vice President and General Manager of the CA Products and Mainframe Business Units where he built the engineering, technical support and quality infrastructure for several mission-critical mainframe divisions.

Our Values


We value relationships based on love and friendship. Seriously, love.

Customers & Partners

We’ve got your back. We’re in this together.


We take joy in seeing each other succeed. At work, at home, in our communities.


Your whole self is welcome here. Be authentic. Be genuine. Be you.


We listen first. We embrace conflict. We inspire each other. We find a way.

Giving Back

We care for our community and world through our actions and words.


Building education opportunities for students at our university alma maters


Building homes for Habitat for Humanity Thailand and HUSK Cambodia


Coaching YMCA youth volleyball


Coaching youth basketball and soccer


Flying planes to rescue animals needing immediate care


Fostering dogs during their transition to forever homes


Leading youth trips and retreats


Mentoring and career coaching for military spouses and transitioning service members


Photographing local youth sports events


Providing web and social media support at church


Serving the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children


Speaking at conferences to empower women


Supporting Save the Family, equipping families to overcome homelessness and achieve self-sufficiency


Teaching literacy through Greater Indianapolis Literacy League (GILL)


Volunteering at food banks


Volunteering for NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School)


Volunteering for the Wildlife Conservation Society


Working to alleviate poverty in local communities


Youth mentoring for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

Diversity for Bottomline Impact

VirtualZ is the first and only woman-founded and woman-led mainframe ISV in history. We are proud to be on the ground floor of SHARE.org’s Women in IT initiative, creating impactful content and programming to support and develop a collaborative and diverse workforce in the mainframe.

In 2019, VirtualZ launched “Making our Strong Community Stronger”, a collaborative initiative creating the first C-level, industry-wide initiative on diversity, equity, and inclusion in the mainframe. BMC, Broadcom Mainframe Software, IBM, Open Mainframe Project, Rocket Software, and TechChannel joined VirtualZ to accelerate diversity and most importantly, invoke actions that elevate inclusivity with lasting impact.

Diversity is critical to the well-being of companies and is correlated to more productive companies as measured by market value and revenue, more attractive work environments for talent recruitment/retention, and higher levels of innovation.

Advantages of Working with a Woman-Founded Business

10% More Cumulative Revenue

Startups founded and cofounded by women actually performed better over time, generating 10% more in cumulative revenue over a five-year period

2x Revenue

Startups founded and cofounded by women are significantly better financial investments. For every dollar of funding, these startups generated 78 cents, while male-founded startups generated less than half that—just 31 cents

*Research from Boston Consulting Group and MassChallenge