Any data. Anywhere. Anytime.

VirtualZ Computing™ is a mainframe software provider that empowers companies to innovate and thrive in a hybrid cloud environment by granting easy, consistent, and secure access to their most valuable resource…their data.

Easily access data from any platform, anywhere to power better applications and experiences.

The challenges companies face in hybrid cloud environments often arise because of data access issues. Running applications across a mixture of mainframe, cloud, and distributed environments proposes many hurdles that introduce added costs, time, data inaccuracies, and security risks.

Our suite of products allows you to access data from any platform, anywhere, and leverage that data to power better applications and experiences. And our simple, no-code approach lets you deploy and use with ease.

Whether you need real-time read-write or ad-hoc access, we have the solution to help.

Why We’re Different

Passionate about mainframe innovation

We’re driven by our constant curiosity to improve data access to help companies better leverage their data.

Built by industry icons

Our team members are highly respected industry icons who revolutionized mainframe computing and modernized data access systems.

Committed to our customers’ success

We design data access solutions to help you deliver better applications and experiences for your employees and your customers.