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The Fast, No-Code Utility for Extracting Mainframe Data

It shouldn’t take a major investment of time and money to get a snapshot of your mainframe data for use in presentations or analysis. PropelZ makes it simple to create a copy of your mainframe data right when you need it.

Designed for businesses who need a quick snapshot of their mainframe data for use in their hybrid cloud environments, PropelZ lets you push a copy of mainframe data to your favorite database or data lake, allowing you to move quickly, improve agility, and support up-to-date intelligence — delivering results at a fraction of the cost of legacy ETL solutions.

PropelZ extracts and copies data from your mainframe on demand, and then pushes that copied data to your applications. Now you can easily put mainframe data to use in a hybrid cloud environment, taking advantage of the database tools you’re already familiar with to transform and analyze your dataset. This process is ideal for times when you don’t need full real-time, read-write access.

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PropelZ addresses limitations faced by traditional approaches in mainframe data accessibility:

  • Enhanced Application Integration: PropelZ seamlessly integrates mainframe data with various applications, catering to those requiring more than the open-close, read-write approach, especially those demanding intricate SQL queries.
  • Adaptable Data Access: PropelZ simplifies data accessibility and tailors it to the specific needs of applications, aligning with user preferences and workflows.

When compared to other approaches, PropelZ stands out for its performance, openness, and efficiency:

  • Performance: PropelZ overcomes the performance issues and limitations associated with API-centric approaches, adopting industry standards like JDBC for easy integration into different databases.
  • Adaptability and Openness: A key strength of PropelZ lies in its openness and adaptability. PropelZ supports over 50 databases with JDBC interfaces, giving you flexibility in choosing databases that suit your needs.
  • Efficiency: PropelZ is highly efficient in data transformation, emphasizing its modern and streamlined approach in directly pushing data from z/OS to databases.

PropelZ supports a variety of data types, including VSAM, sequential SAM, keyed VSAM, relative record VSAM, numbered record VSAM files, QSAM, PDS, GDG, and various sequential files. This broad compatibility ensures that PropelZ can effortlessly handle the diverse data structures present on the mainframe.

PropelZ is available for free with a limited use license (limited to 10,000 rows of data per execution) or for a paid unlimited use license. (Read about PropelZ pricing.)

Watch a demo of PropelZ to learn more. Or get started right away by requesting your copy of PropelZ.