Lozen™ Connectors

Lozen offers several connectors to enable mainframe data access to a broad range of applications with high performance and data integrity.

VirtualZ Executive team. Vince Re

Deep Dive (10:14 minutes)

Vince Re, Chief Technology Officer

Native NFS: Leverage Lozen’s built-in, industry standard NFS protocols to make mainframe data look like local files in whatever file system on whatever platform you are running.

Micro Focus Connector: With this connector, mainframe applications — recompiled to new platforms with Micro Focus Enterprise Server — can run unchanged and with continued, seamless access to mainframe data.

Lozen API: A streamlined version of our native interface with a callable library and encapsulated logic that makes mainframe data access as efficient as possible. Lozen API is available for stand-alone use for nearly any application.

MuleSoft Connector: Our Mule connector provides no-code access to mainframe data from within MuleSoft’s Anypoint Studio development environment, letting you easily configure Lozen with your data flow in a simple, visual way.

OpenAPI: Lozen’s OpenAPI connector makes it possible to access mainframe data, such as VSAM files, from any OpenAPI application – Boomi, TIBCO, Microsoft Azure Logic Apps, and more.