Lozen™ Pricing

Lozen software is offered as a one-year subscription, including license and maintenance. Pricing is based on per terabyte volume of data transferred through the Lozen software annually, plus any licensed integrations.

Lozen with NFS

60-Day Evaluation

No cost

First Terabyte


per year

Additional Terabytes


per terabyte per year


Lozen API


per year

Micro Focus Connector


per year

MuleSoft Connector


per year



per year

Our pricing and licensing model was designed to be simple, transparent, and easy to manage. We discuss more of our pricing and licensing philosophy in our blog, including our license metric, how you can monitor your usage, and renewals.  If you are interested in looking at our standard license agreement, click here.


The zIIP enabled no-code Lozen NFS server.

Unlimited LPARs, sites, and installations for your enterprise.

All data types supported by Lozen, including VSAM, KSDS, RRDS, ESDS, QSAM, BSAM, BPAM.

SMF recording to easily monitor your Lozen managed data.

Special pricing available for multi-year subscriptions.

One flat annual fee per licensed integration.

How to Reduce Your Data Access Costs with Lozen