Lozen Data Support

Our flagship data access solution, Lozen™, supports nearly all common types of conventional IBM Z datasets, including:

  • VSAM
    • KSDS – keyed records
    • ESDS – sequential
    • RRDS – relative-record or “numbered”
    • AIX – alternate index paths
  • QSAM and BSAM sequential files
  • Partitioned datasets, including PDS and PDS/E
  • z/OS Unix Services file systems, including HFS and ZFS
  • Generation data group (GDG) 

We transparently support legacy dataset formats, as well as the latest extended format options. This means you’re free to have arbitrarily large VSAM files spanning multiple volumes, for example. Encryption, striping, compression, and more are all seamlessly supported, and datasets using these features can co-exist right alongside your oldest files.

Read-Write Access and Open Architecture

We also offer full read-write access for each of these different dataset types, with all of the capabilities you’d expect for each type.

For instance, when accessing a VSAM keyed file, you can read individual records by key or generic key and insert or delete records from anywhere in the dataset. You can even position the dataset to a key greater than a certain value, and then read backwards from that point. And for a KSDS keyed record, you can do all of this through the base cluster or through any alternate index you might have defined for the file.

In addition to supporting nearly all common IBM Z dataset types, Lozen’s architecture is open—making it straightforward to extend support to other file types if customer demand calls for it. IBM’s IMS/DB, Broadcom’s IDMS or Datacom, or Software AG’s Adabas, for example, could all fit into Lozen’s open architecture.

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