Introducing VirtualZ Consulting Services

Many enterprises are modernizing their mainframe applications and are planning to take advantage of the latest innovations in AI.  It is estimated that over 70% of enterprise data resides on the mainframe, making that mainframe data crucial to modernizing applications and creating new AI models.  This means enterprises need to develop a cohesive strategy for accessing this data and ensuring they do not complicate data access and degrade the quality of their data.

VirtualZ Computing now offers consulting services to help our clients and partners develop a holistic strategy for mainframe data access optimization.  With over 150 years of combined experience developing and selling mainframe software, VirtualZ understands z/OS and mainframe software at a level most in the industry do not — and we can help unlock the full capabilities of your mainframe to achieve maximum business value.

Our team can help customers and system integrators quickly and securely access mainframe data to achieve the following:

Proof of Concept (PoC)
Define and execute the correct PoC to determine the best data modernization approach.

Enterprise Strategy
Develop a complete enterprise strategy for securely modernizing and accessing your mainframe data for better business agility at a lower cost.

Assess Existing Strategy
Assess your current data modernization strategy to determine if new techniques exist to apply and improve your existing approach.

Implementation Support
Provide implementation support as you embark on a modernization journey, with or without our products.

Data Access for AI Models
Provide guidance on optimal data access approach for AI models.


Our new consulting services are another step in our mission to revolutionize data access to better serve today’s enterprise computing needs, unlocking the power of real-time, read-write data access — from any platform, anytime, anywhere.

For more information or to start an engagement, please contact Mark Potts at [email protected].

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