Lozen + MuleSoft: A Powerful Combination

MuleSoft is one of the most popular integration platforms available, with thousands of customers worldwide.

In this blog, we describe the features and benefits of the Lozen™ MuleSoft Connector, which provides no-code access to mainframe data from within MuleSoft’s Anypoint Studio development environment, letting you easily configure Lozen with your data flow in a simple, visual way.

Lozen Connector for MuleSoft

The Lozen MuleSoft Connector

If you are a MuleSoft user looking for ways to integrate mainframe data into your applications, Lozen offers several new ways to simplify these tasks, including our Lozen MuleSoft Connector.

Like our OpenAPI Connector, the Lozen MuleSoft Connector gives you ways to securely read or update any data managed by the Lozen server running on your z/OS platform.

With this connector:

  • Mainframe data access is simplified and can be designed directly within MuleSoft’s AnyPoint Studio
  • There is no need to leave the MuleSoft development environment, making it easier to add Lozen data objects to your MuleSoft workflows
  • You have access to all of Lozen’s functionality by simply dragging the Lozen connector into your workspace
  • You can create complex workflows by dragging and dropping connectors from a palette of MuleSoft connectors
  • With a no-code design, you can easily configure Lozen with your data flow in a simple, visual way

Learn More

Visit our YouTube channel to watch a Lozen MuleSoft Connector demo and to watch our “Lozen Connector for MuleSoft” webinar.

Click here to read more about our other connectors.

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