Lozen Use Cases

One of the most common questions we get is, “What are the use cases for Lozen?” In this blog, we highlight the top four Lozen use cases, as identified by financial services, securities, retail, and banking companies.

Use Case 1: Enable Broader Data Access at a Lower Cost

“ETL consumes 8.4% of total MIPS and costs $680K annually, on average”*

I want my custom and commercial applications — running in the cloud and on distributed platforms — to have real-time, read-write access to data residing on my mainframe.”

I want to easily access my IBM zSystems VSAM data from the cloud.”

I want to reduce the costs of data access in my organization.”

I want to reduce MIPS consumption.”

I want my logging solutions to have real-time access to my SMF data.”

Lozen offers organizations a new and efficient paradigm for mainframe data access.  With Lozen, an application running in the cloud or on distributed platforms has easy, secure, real-time, read-write access to
IBM zSystems data.  Since the data remains on the mainframe, there is no need to replicate or “lift and shift” it, reducing your organization’s data access costs and MIPS consumption.

Use Case 2: Unlock Faster, Simpler Application Migration

44% of businesses say they have z/OS applications they would like to move off z/OS but can’t because the application:

40.9%  Operates in real time on data that resides on the mainframe*
38.6%  Uses data that cannot move off the mainframe”*

Over time, I want to move all my applications from the mainframe to the cloud or other distributed platforms. During the migration period, some of my applications will need shared access to data on the mainframe.”

I want a hybrid model. I’m going to leave some applications on the mainframe and move some applications to the cloud, and I want them both to share access to VSAM data on the mainframe.”

I’m a Micro Focus Enterprise Server customer, and I want to expedite my application migration and seamlessly access IBM zSystems data, without any modifications to my application code.”

Lozen brings you faster, safer, lower-cost migrations and earlier success in your application migration projects.  With Lozen, migrated applications can run unchanged on their new platform, retaining real-time, read-write shared access to mainframe data.  This diminishes risk, reduces or eliminates the need for change data capture, and expedites application migration projects.

Use Case 3: Gain Simple and Secure Access to Mainframe Data from Multiple Application Environments

I’m a MuleSoft customer, and I want to easily design data access directly within Mule’s development environment.”

I want to access mainframe data from any OpenAPI application.”

I want to simplify mainframe data access.”

If you are an application developer looking for ways to integrate mainframe data into your applications, Lozen Connectors offer several new ways to simplify these tasks.

Use Case 4: Achieve More Efficient ETL, Data Transformation, and Change Data Capture

I want to improve my ETL solution with higher performance and lower costs.”

I want to lower my data transformation costs while reducing complexity.”

I want a robust data transformation capability to map VSAM/QSAM and other mainframe data to more modern data formats.”

I want to simplify or eliminate the need for change data capture.”

I want a simpler, lower cost way to populate my data lakes.”

Lozen enables more efficient ETL with our zIIP-eligible workloads for data transformation and movement — reducing MIPS and improving performance. Lozen complements many ETL approaches, providing simple, transparent access to VSAM data without the “rip and replace” of existing software investments.


Companies have identified important use cases that address what Lozen can do for them — and you:

  • Enable broader data access at a lower cost
  • Unlock faster, simpler application migration
  • Gain simple and secure access to mainframe data from multiple application environments
  • Achieve more efficient ETL, data transformation, and change data capture

Learn More

To learn more about how to unlock the power of real-time, read-write
IBM zSystems data access with Lozen:


* IDC Whitepaper, Sponsored by VirtualZ Computing Corporation, Eliminate the Skyrocketing Costs of ETL and Expedite Application Migrations with Real-Time, Read-Write Data Access, Doc. #US48927222. March 2022

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