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When we talk with customers about Lozen, they often ask, “Do you also have the reverse? A solution that allows my applications on the mainframe to consume data residing in Amazon S3, Dell, or other storage devices?” The answer is YES!

Today, your applications in the cloud can consume data on the mainframe using Lozen. With Zaac, your applications on the mainframe will similarly be able to consume data residing in the cloud and storage platforms.

This powerful combination of bi-directional, real-time, read-write data access is accomplished with no code — and with the level of security and performance you expect for your business.

Use Case 1: Real-Time, Read-Write Access to Cloud and Distributed Application Data

I have a mainframe business application running on z/OS that needs to read and write data to cloud object storage, such as Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, and more.”

I am generating data in a SaaS application, such as Salesforce or Workday, that I need to consume in my mainframe application.”

Zaac is a no-code solution, providing a simple and straightforward way to configure mainframe applications with real-time, read-write access to data in cloud and distributed platforms — without intermediaries or manual efforts.

Use Case 2: Real-Time, Read-Write Access to Connected Storage Devices

I want my mainframe applications to read and write data in my on-premises Dell, IBM, Hitachi, and other connected storage devices.”​

I want my mainframe to leverage low-cost storage for test data, backups, and more — both on- and off-premises.”

I want my mainframe to have the ability to ‘burst’ into the cloud for low-cost storage capacity.”

Zaac enables access to file systems on any device through network protocols like iSCSI and others, giving mainframe customers the ability to connect a variety of devices to their mainframe. Zaac also brings the same level of capabilities present in other storage platforms to the mainframe, making this data available to any IBM zSystems application.

Use Case 3: Concurrent Access to Multiple Data Sources

I want to simultaneously write to multiple cloud providers in parallel, such as Microsoft Azure and Google, for fault-tolerance.”

I want to de-couple application processing and data storage. I have a mainframe application simultaneously reading records from multiple storage platforms, such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon S3, and I want to write the output to Dropbox.”

I want to put a mainframe-generated document in hundreds or thousands of individual Dropbox accounts.”

Zaac enables mainframe applications to access multiple data sources in parallel within a single application, making concurrent access to multiple data sources easily achievable.

Use Case 4: Bi-Directional Data Transformation

I want a robust data transformation capability to map data residing in cloud, storage, and distributed platforms to my mainframe applications using VSAM and QSAM.​”

I require data transformation to be driven by copybooks and other existing definitions for my mainframe applications.”​

I prefer an open, standards-based approach to defining metadata in a simple XML format to control data transformation/conversion.”​

Our innovative approach to real-time, read-write data access includes data transformation, which is often required to ensure mainframe applications can process data generated on cloud, storage, and distributed platforms.


Companies have been asking for a solution like Zaac to allow their mainframe applications to read and write data from other platforms in real time.

Coming to market very soon, here is just some of what Zaac can do for you:

  • Real-time, read-write access to cloud and distributed application data
  • Real-time, read-write access to connected storage devices​
  • ​Concurrent access to multiple data sources
  • Bi-directional data transformation

If you are an application developer looking for ways to integrate and transform cloud, storage, and distributed data into your mainframe applications, Zaac offers a robust data transformation capability. With Zaac, all applications consume the data they need in a way that is most natural for processing.

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