Transforming Hybrid Mainframe Data Access with VirtualZ Lozen and AWS

Mar 5, 2024 | Recent news

Most organizations grapple with the dilemma of ensuring seamless data sharing between their mainframe environments and cloud-based applications. This AWS Partner Network (APN) blog delves into the intricacies of this challenge, exploring innovative strategies that enable businesses to retain their critical data on the mainframe while seamlessly modernizing their applications.

 In the world of enterprise IT, the mainframe has been a bedrock of reliability and performance. However, as businesses pivot towards digital transformation, integrating these legacy systems with agile cloud applications has surfaced as a pressing challenge.

 By allowing real-time integration between mainframe datasets and customer workloads running on AWS, VirtualZ software eliminates legacy complexities to accelerate migrations — avoiding disruption — while leveraging the modernization benefits that AWS offers. 

 Whether you’re an IT professional facing these challenges head-on, a business leader looking for strategic insights, or simply intrigued by the evolving landscape of enterprise technology, this post is for you.

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