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Why Mainframes Matter in the Modern World

In our latest episode of Skyward Data, we delve deep into the technology that powers our world behind the scenes.

Join us as Mark Potts, VP of Global Services at VirtualZ, sits down with Reg Harbeck, Chief Strategist at Mainframe Analytics, to explore the fascinating evolution and enduring impact of mainframe technology.

Reg, a true aficionado in the field, shares his unique insights on how mainframes have evolved from their inception to becoming the backbone of modern IT infrastructure. Hear stories of industry pioneers who shaped this vital sector and gain a true understanding of why mainframes continue to be unparalleled in terms of reliability and efficiency.

Whether you’re a seasoned IT professional, a tech enthusiast, or simply curious about the hidden gears that keep our digital world spinning, this episode is a must-listen!


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Connect Your Mainframe Data to Over 100 Applications and Databases with PropelZ™

PropelZ offers connectors to over 100 databases, allowing you to send mainframe data to a variety of mission-critical applications, including:

  • Data Stores (Data Warehouses and Data Lakes)
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Analytics and Reporting

Designed for businesses who want to use a quick snapshot of their mainframe data in their hybrid cloud environments, PropelZ lets you schedule near real-time updates — allowing you to move quickly, improve agility, and deliver results at a fraction of the cost of other approaches.

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Webinar: Zaac™ for Storage

Zaac™ offers seamless integration to cloud, SAN, and physical storage. Someting that wasn’t possible until now.

Join us to learn more as we discuss how Zaac can help:
  • Reduce the cost of your mainframe storage by leveraging cloud, SAN, and physical storage.
  • Improve redundancy by leveraging more than one storage solution.
We also discuss future enhancements and high-level product direction.
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