Analytics and Reporting

Apply your most valuable data to modern BI, analytics, and reporting tools.

  • The current generation of cloud-based BI, analytics, and reporting tools have been a boon to business users, allowing self-service reporting and real-time custom dashboards.
  • But mainframe data is often an exception, because it is difficult to plug into directly. Accessing it can require tedious manual processes that put demands on your thinly stretched teams and eat into your budgets — and in some cases, it’s simply not possible.

Lozen makes it easier to deliver real-time access to mainframe data, supporting up-to-date intelligence that helps business users identify their best opportunities.

Stop compromising and start delivering immediate wins with your most current data.

I want my BI, analytics, and reporting tools to have real-time, read-write access to data residing on my mainframe.

I want to easily access my IBM Z VSAM data from the cloud.

I want a robust data transformation capability to map VSAM/QSAM and other mainframe data to more modern data formats.

Solutions. Analytics and Reporting
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Deliver real-time, read-write mainframe data access to modern BI, analytics, and reporting tools running in other environments like the cloud.