Lozen and Clouds

Moving workloads to cloud providers like Microsoft, Amazon, and Google can benefit almost any enterprise. VirtualZ recognizes these clear benefits, which is why we have a broad and inclusive view on cloud.

Most of the work running in today’s cloud environments is hosted on Windows or Linux. Lozen™, our revolutionary data access solution, supports these cloud environments today.  Whether you migrate COBOL workloads to your favorite cloud platform using the Micro Focus (now OpenText) platform, or you have custom applications accessing z/OS data using Lozen’s NFS implementation, you’re covered. The same is true for customers deploying hybrid or private clouds in their own datacenter — so long as the work you run in your private cloud is executing on a system with an up-to-date NFS client, it can connect to Lozen.

A big consideration for customers in public clouds tends to be performance and latency. Lozen’s throughput is greatly influenced by how much network bandwidth is available between your clients and your z/OS system, so it’s important to ensure you have adequate network capacity to meet your needs.

Certainly requirements will vary, and if you only transfer small amounts of data, only modest bandwidth is required. But if you have I/O-intensive applications processing substantial data volumes, you’ll want to ensure that you’ve got adequate network resources to handle the volume.

The good news is that all of the major cloud providers offer a ways to scale network capacity to meet nearly any need. And if you’re running a private cloud in your own datacenter, most sites will already have high-performance networking across their internal systems.

However your organization is leveraging the benefits of the cloud, Lozen’s universal and standards-based protocols have you covered — making it easy to connect IBM Z data anywhere it’s needed.

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