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Interested in real-time, read-write mainframe data access?  We’ve made it even easier to try Lozen™.  Head to the Lozen Trial page to sign up for a virtual trial and test drive Lozen directly from your own device.

Lozen provides remote access to sophisticated mainframe file system capabilities, including most of the advanced capabilities of VSAM.  This virtual trial showcases many of these features.  You can use it to:

  • Access metadata for any given file
  • Read a file sequentially (forwards or backwards)
  • Read records by key (VSAM KSDS)
  • Read records by record number (VSAM KSDS and RRDS)
  • Perform data transformation to CSV, XML, or JSON
  • Rewrite (replace) a file
  • Append records to the end of a file
  • Insert new records to a file
  • Delete a record from a file
  • Run an arbitrary IDCAMS command


Lozen is VirtualZ Computing’s revolutionary solution that unlocks the power of no-code, real-time, read-write data access — from any platform, anytime, anywhere.

Lozen provides a wide range of benefits to organizations, whether they are modernizing in-place or looking to streamline how their valuable mainframe data can be used in new ways by cloud, distributed, or mobile applications.

Lozen achieves this without the need to replicate or “lift and shift” mainframe data.  It remains securely on the mainframe, and a cloud application, for example, can access mainframe records directly — in real time, with read-write access.

Since the data remains on the mainframe, organizations no longer need to develop and maintain expensive, complicated techniques to extract data using ETL, FTP, and/or APIs or to re-sync data using CDC and other methods — offering critical cost savings and more efficient operations.

This new approach also brings simplicity and agility:

  • Leverage mainframe data better and faster
  • Run applications where they are best suited for your business — on the mainframe, in the cloud, on mobile, or on distributed platforms — without costly replication
  • Leave your data on the mainframe, providing critical data access to new or migrated applications without risking other applications that depend on that same data
  • Maintain a single source of truth for key business data

Experience the advantages of Lozen firsthand.  Try Lozen today, either as a virtual trial from your own device or on-premises.

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