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The challenges companies face in hybrid cloud environments often arise because of data access issues. Running applications across a mixture of mainframe, cloud, and distributed environments proposes many hurdles that introduce added costs, time, data inaccuracies, and security risks.

Join us to learn how our suite of products allows you to access data from any platform, anywhere, and leverage that data to power better applications and experiences. Whether you need real-time, read-write access or ad-hoc access, we have the solution to help.

• Lozen: Lozen is the real-time, no-code alternative for connecting mainframe data to modern apps. Lozen streamlines access to the data you need, making mainframe data available to use across hybrid cloud environments. It provides real-time, read-write access without compromising security or efficiency, allowing you to leverage that data in ways you’ve never been able to before.

• PropelZ: Designed for businesses who need a quick snapshot of their mainframe data for use in their hybrid cloud environments, PropelZ lets you push a copy of mainframe data to your favorite database or data store, allowing you to move quickly, improve agility, and support up-to-date intelligence — delivering results at a fraction of the cost of legacy ETL solutions.

• Zaac: Zaac allows mainframe applications to read and write data from other platforms in real-time, the same way a client would. Now, applications running on IBM Z have real-time, read-write access to data on other storage platforms and to data created by applications running in the cloud and on distributed platforms.

These products — individually and collectively — can play a critical role in empowering your data stores in new ways.

VCZ Speakers:

Dustin Froyum
Co-Founder and SVP of Global Alliances

Dustin Froyum is a co-founder at VirtualZ and serves as Senior Vice President of Global Alliances, applying his 20+ years of experience as a patented technology executive to forging alliances that foster growth and innovation. As a customer-focused and relationship-oriented leader, Dustin’s approach to global alliances is characterized by a deep commitment to understanding the needs and challenges of partnersPrior to VirtualZ, Dustin was a senior executive at Wells Fargo where he managed a $1B portfolio of IT assets and vendors and directed third-party risk strategies for over 700 technology vendors.  

Mark Potts
Vice President of Global Services

Mark Potts is VirtualZ’s Vice President of Global Services, helping our clients leverage the power of Lozen™, PropelZ, and Zaacto unlock business agility, value, and cost savings for AI, BI, DevOps, modernization, and digital transformationHe is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in the technology industry.  Prior to joining VirtualZ, Mark served as global managing director at Accenture, leading the comprehensive strategy for their mainframe modernization offering, including developing sales and delivery assets, developing capability, determining acquisition targets, and managing the global mainframe modernization pipeline.  


Mar 20 2024

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