Infosys Partners with VirtualZ to Deliver Secure, No-Code Mainframe Data Access for Modernization

Apr 18, 2023 | Recent news

VirtualZ Computing is excited to announce we have partnered with Infosys, a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, to help clients through seamless, non-disruptive mainframe modernization journeys.  Infosys will be leveraging Lozen™, VirtualZ’s revolutionary data access solution, as part of their practice.

Lozen provides no-code, real-time, read-write data access from any platform, anytime, anywhere.  You can leave your data where it is, securely on the mainframe, eliminating the need to migrate, stage, or replicate the data to support the migration.  Instead, mainframe-to-cloud migrations can happen transparently and incrementally, seamlessly connected to mainframe data and ensuring data dependencies remain intact for all other applications. The result is faster, safer, lower-cost migrations and earlier success in modernization projects.

In addition to application migrations, Infosys can now help introduce new capabilities to customers running SaaS or other cloud/distributed applications — bringing the same real-time, read-write access to mainframe data, out of the box, with Lozen.