VirtualZ Computing Partners With Micro Focus (now OpenText) on Lozen™ to Deliver Accelerated, Secure Application Migration

Dec 21, 2021 | Recent news

As the next step in our mission to revolutionize data access and deliver immense application migration benefits to customers, we’ve announced a technology alliance with Micro Focus (now OpenText) on our data access solution, Lozen™. In the technology ecosystem, we gain insight, strength, and innovation through partnership — and this alliance is no exception.

Application migration projects are multiplying in today’s landscape, creating a rising need for access to data residing on the IBM Z platform. Organizations demand application migration benefits to better their business, but existing legacy data access methods are complicated, cost-intensive, and non-scalable. Several years and millions of dollars later, these companies often don’t have the migration success they need. That’s where Lozen comes in.

With Lozen, customers can move applications without touching the data — an unprecedented application migration benefit that transforms existing processes. In other words, the data stays where it is while customers maintain read-write real-time data access — drastically reducing migration project risk, time, and costs.

But that’s not all; Lozen revolutionizes existing application migration processes even further — delivering added cost savings by reducing MIPS usage through its zIIP engine architecture. Lozen’s low code/no code functionality reduces required development resources, meaning faster time-to-market. Lozen unlocks read-write access in real-time to VSAM and other data files, all while eliminating the need for ETL and other legacy data transfer methods. Lozen reduces application migration risks — because when data stays where it is, data dependencies remain in place. In short, Lozen empowers quicker, secure application migrations and early success.

We’re revolutionizing data access — and that journey begins with Lozen.