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New Skyward Data Episode!

Orbits, AI, and Data Science

Dive into the data universe as Dr. Mark Brady, Deputy Chief Data Officer at KBR, takes us on an insightful journey through the vast realm of data management, AI, and space exploration.

In this episode, Dr. Brady and our host Mark Potts discuss the fascinating complexities of managing enormous datasets within the Space Force and Department of Justice. They also delve into the topics of AI, robotics, and the future of data management.

Join us for the mind-expanding episode as Dr. Brady shares his profound insights and experiences, illuminating the path to a more connected and data-empowered future.


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VirtualZ Media Coverage

VirtualZ Featured on Techstrong TV: Bridging Mainframe and Cloud Data Environments

Techstrong TV — a premier livestream channel that provides in-depth coverage of exclusive news, events, announcements, and conversations with IT experts and business leaders — featured VirtualZ’s founder and CEO on its “Bridging Mainframe and Cloud Data Environments with Jeanne Glass” episode.

Alan Shimel, host, co-founder, and CEO of Techstrong Group, speaks candidly with Jeanne about VirtualZ’s history, software solutions, funding success, and future plans:

“VirtualZ’s out-of-the-box solutions provide cloud apps with real-time, read-write access to mainframe data along with the ability for mainframe apps to access data stored in other environments. The company just launched its products and raised $4.9 million in seed financing.”

This is a must-watch 17-minute conversation for anyone wanting an efficient synopsis of VirtualZ and our revolutionary solutions!

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Unveiling PropelZ: A Revolution in Mainframe Data Accessibility

It shouldn’t take a major investment of time and money to get a data snapshot for presentation or analysis. The PropelZ utility from VirtualZ Computing makes it easy to create a copy of mainframe data right when you need it, for use in hybrid cloud environments.

Why PropelZ?

At VirtualZ, we set a course to revolutionize data access. In addition to Lozen™ and Zaac™, our collaboration with customers and partners led us to create PropelZ — a fast, no-code utility for extracting mainframe data.

PropelZ was designed for businesses who need a quick snapshot of their mainframe data for use in their hybrid cloud environments. With PropelZ, you can push a one-time copy of mainframe data to your favorite database or data lake, allowing you to move quickly — at a fraction of the cost — and drive better business outcomes.

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