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Introducing Skyward Data

Skyward Data invites you to gain a competitive edge through exclusive conversations with data operations experts.

Delve into the inner workings of efficient data handling, storage, and AI’s transformative possibilities. Explore the convergence of mainframe expertise, quantum encryption, and other cutting-edge technologies utilizing IBM Z, equipping you with insights to navigate the evolving data landscape.

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Check out our first two episodes:

Vince Re on Modern CTO

Modern CTO — the number one leadership and tech podcast in the world — featured our very own CTO, Vince Re, on their “Fact from Fiction on Mainframes” episode.

Listen in to hear Vince and Joel Beasley, founder and host of Modern CTO, as they demystify the mainframe from its representation in Hollywood. They discuss why the mainframe still has a critical role in tech infrastructure and deduce how mainframes can be used the most effectively.

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VirtualZ In The News!

VirtualZ Computing Raises $4.9M to Enable Enterprise Innovation with Mainframe Data Through Out-of-the-Box, Bi-Directional Access from Hybrid Cloud

The first and only woman-founded mainframe company in history enables all apps, no matter where they reside, to work off of a single, gold copy of data on the mainframe; no more “changes will be reflected in 24 – 48 hours.”

VirtualZ Computing has raised $2.2 million in seed financing led by Next Frontier Capital. Additional investors include 2M Companies, Innosphere Ventures, and Next Coast Ventures. Including prior funding, VirtualZ has raised $4.9 million to date.

VirtualZ has two solutions already available, with one other soon to follow:

  • Lozen™, available now, enables real-time, read-write access to mainframe data.
  • PropelZ, also available now, makes it simple to push a copy of mainframe data whenever it’s needed in hybrid cloud environments.
  • Zaac™, coming in Q1 2024, provides mainframe applications with real-time, read-write access to external data.
  • Read our press release and check out some media coverage to learn more!
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Unveiling PropelZ: The Fast, No-Code Utility for Extracting Mainframe Data Webinar

It shouldn’t take a major investment of time and money to get a data snapshot for presentation or analysis. The PropelZ utility from VirtualZ Computing makes it easy to create a copy of mainframe data right when you need it, for use in hybrid cloud environments.

During this webinar, you will learn how to use PropelZ to push data from your mainframe directly to your preferred database. Once there, you can use the capabilities you’re already familiar with to transform and analyze your dataset. This process is ideal for times when you don’t need full real-time, read-write access.

Push a copy of mainframe data at a fraction of the cost of legacy ETL solutions. PropelZ lets you easily put mainframe data to use in a hybrid cloud environment, taking advantage of the database tools you already know.

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