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SiliconANGLE (the voice of enterprise and emerging tech) has featured VirtualZ Computing in an exclusive article describing how VZC is “poised to change the way enterprises use and share data across the cloud.”

In his article, David Strom emphasizes the boldness of VirtualZ, Lozen, and Zaac. Truly revolutionary.

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Incremental Application Migration

If you were designing a brand-new data access solution for your organization today, Lozen could play a prominent role in creating a lower-cost, high-performance solution.

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Lozen for Incremental Application Migration Webinar

Are you migrating some mainframe applications to the cloud while leaving others in place?  If so, Lozen™ will expedite your project while reducing risk, complexity, and cost.

Incremental Application Migration Webinar

With Lozen, migrated applications retain the same real-time, read-write access to mainframe data from the cloud they had while on the mainframe. This allows you to leave your data securely on the mainframe, eliminating the need to develop costly ETL, change data capture, and other lift and shift data replication methods that put your project at risk.

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Zaac Demo

With Zaac, the mainframe is elevated so it has the same data access capabilities as any other platform. Applications running on IBM zSystems now have real-time, read-write access to data on other storage platforms and to data created by applications running in the cloud and on distributed platforms.

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