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Introducing The Lozen Virtual Trial

You can now try Lozen from your own device! See firsthand how you can eliminate or lower the cost of ETL, change data capture, and other legacy data access methods. With Lozen, you can leave data where it is — securely on the IBM Z platform — eliminating the need to replicate or lift and shift data.

Lozen Virtual Trial

Lozen Virtual Trial


Introducing VirtualZ’s Consulting Services

VirtualZ's Consulting Services

VirtualZ Computing now offers consulting services to help our clients and partners develop a holistic strategy for better accessing their mainframe data.

With over 150 years of combined experience developing and selling mainframe software, VirtualZ understands z/OS and mainframe software at a level most in the industry do not. This means VirtualZ Consulting will help customers and partners unlock the full capabilities of their mainframe to achieve maximum business value.

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Mainframe: Modernize in Place and Optimize Data Access

As the backbone of many enterprise systems, mainframes remain critical to business operations. With AI and data security being top of mind for today’s business leaders, effective strategies for data access are also needed.

VirtualZ's Consulting Services Webinar

This session outlines a comprehensive understanding of the “modernize in place” concept as it pertains to mainframe systems. We discuss how businesses can innovate with their existing mainframe environments, integrate with modern applications, and improve business agility without the need for total system overhauls or migrations. We also explore strategies for optimizing data access within these robust systems.

Explore the exciting potential of mainframe modernization, the critical role of real-time data access, and how these elements can work together to drive your business forward in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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Business Agility with Mainframe and Cloud Data Webinar – 10/11

Business Agility with Mainframe and Cloud Data Webinar

Business agility is no longer just a competitive advantage, it’s a necessity.

In an era dominated by disruption, organizations with mainframe systems seek to achieve business agility in response, but they’re finding it difficult given the vast amount of data involved.

Join us to learn about real-time, read-write data access solutions that can transform the combination of mainframe and cloud data access into a modern, competitive advantage — from any platform, anytime, anywhere.

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