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Make real-time mainframe data available to any application with read-write access in any environment.

  • From custom apps to packaged apps to SaaS, apps of all kinds shouldn’t be forced to rely on stale business data or data that cannot be easily integrated or updated. Mainframe data access and updating processes, however, can be challenging to implement across platforms and in hybrid cloud environments.
  • ETL is one common solution for allowing applications to access your mainframe data, but it can introduce risks and redundancies, and it can result in serving stale data to your users. ETL can also introduce enormous complexities if many apps are relying on the same datasets. A change to the way you host your data can cause multiple disruptions.

Lozen, a real-time solution for mainframe data, makes it possible to eliminate the gap between your applications and mainframe data, without relying on manual processes. It makes read-write access to mainframe data as easy to access as any other data source, even for developers with no mainframe expertise. Your developers can even connect your mainframe to any major integration platform through a Mule ESB connector or using OpenAPI standards.

Whether they’re packaged applications, custom applications, or modernized applications, Lozen lets you run your app where you want while maintaining real-time, read-write access.

I want to access mainframe data from any OpenAPI application.

I’m going to leave some applications on the mainframe and move some applications to the cloud. I want them both to share access to VSAM data on the mainframe.

I’m a Micro Focus Enterprise Server customer, and I want to seamlessly access IBM Z data from my modernized app, without any modifications to my application code.

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Deliver real-time, read-write mainframe data access to applications running in other environments like the cloud.