Data Stores

Include your mainframe data in data lakes or other consolidated pools of data.

  • Your data lake or data warehouse brings together data from many sources — but as it ingests copies of the data that normally lives on your mainframe, you may encounter issues.
  • Copied data grows stale. Duplicate copies make it harder to discern a single source of truth. Copying data can introduce operational and security risks and compound your compliance and governance burdens. Then, even after you’ve extracted it, the data structures themselves can be archaic and complex to work with.

With Lozen, you can offer real-time access to mainframe data through your shared data sources and eliminate the need to replicate sensitive data. And you can return your mainframe data structured in understandable formats, making it truly useful.

I want a simple, efficient way to populate my data lakes.

I want a robust data transformation capability to map VSAM/QSAM and other mainframe data to more modern data formats.

I want to reduce the costs of data access in my organization.

VirtualZ’s Solutions for Data Stores
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Deliver real-time, read-write mainframe data access to applications running in other environments, making it possible to fully leverage that data and provide a single source of truth across every environment.