Lozen Platform Support

Lozen™ supports a wide range of client and server platforms.

On the server side, Lozen operates on any current release of z/OS, including versions 2.3, 2.4, and 2.5.

On the client side, there are two approaches depending on the nature of the applications you’re using:

1. Lozen Micro Focus Connector: If you’re a Micro Focus customer running COBOL applications on the Micro Focus platform, Lozen offers a connector that enables your applications to operate against IBM zSystems data through COBOL capabilities.

You can install the Lozen Micro Focus Connector on the servers where you run Micro Focus COBOL applications. It works with all current versions of Windows, as well as most popular Linux distributions.

2. NFS protocol: For other applications, you can access Lozen using the industry-standard NFS protocol — no Lozen client software is needed. Any platform or operating system with an up-to-date NFS client will work, allowing applications to process IBM zSystems datasets as though they were local files. Operating systems supporting NFS include but are not limited to Linux (including Linux on z Series), Windows, Mac, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Android, iOS, z/VM, IBM i, and FreeBSD.

From a performance and security point of view, we strongly recommend NFS version 4.1 or higher. If your operating system provider doesn’t include current NFS client support, there are a variety of open-source or commercial products that can help.

We’re always evaluating new ways to integrate Lozen with other platforms and applications, similar to how we integrate with Micro Focus. Our goal is to provide simplified mainframe data access in a way that’s most natural for your application types.

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