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VirtualZ Computing now offers consulting services to help our clients and partners develop a holistic strategy for better accessing their mainframe data.

With over 150 years of combined experience developing and selling mainframe software, VirtualZ understands z/OS and mainframe software at a level most in the industry do not. This means VirtualZ Consulting will help customers and partners unlock the full capabilities of their mainframe to achieve maximum business value.

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Reseller Alert: Summit Data Group

VirtualZ is proud to announce our reseller partnership with Summit Data Group. With our shared mission to help customers navigate complex data access and data management needs, we look forward to working together to provide the best, most efficient data solutions available.

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The Lozen Virtual Trial – Available Now!

Ready to learn more about real-time, read-write mainframe data access?

We’ve made it even easier to try Lozen, VirtualZ’s revolutionary solution that unlocks the power of no-code, real-time, read-write data access — from any platform, anytime, anywhere.

Head to our Try Lozen page to sign up for a virtual trial and test drive Lozen directly from your own device today!

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Business Agility with Mainframe and Cloud Data Webinar

Business agility is no longer just a competitive advantage, it’s a necessity.

In an era dominated by disruption, organizations with mainframe systems seek to achieve business agility in response, but they’re finding it difficult given the vast amount of data involved.

In this webinar hosted by TechChannel, VirtualZ discusses real-time, read-write data access solutions that can transform the combination of mainframe and cloud data access into a modern, competitive advantage — from any platform, anytime, anywhere.

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